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Ocean View Condo

Splendid condominium at very advantageous price. Our condominium lately renovated which gets these two choices of destination holidays to you. Benefit from the beach while visiting Walt Disney. The beach is located at only 3 minutes of walk and Disney's World is at 1h15 car distance. (click on Condominium in ENGLISH WEBSITE on your left)

Disney's Resorts - Where the dreams come true

Realize the dream of your little princess or little prince who lives in you and just experience the magic of Disney at the heart of Walt Disney World in one of the key areas where the enchanted Disney creates unforgettable memories-flavored fairy tale.

The Disney Deluxe Villas Resorts Hotel are first class luxury with the

most innovative architectural theme that combines the magic of Disney and the imaginary. All areas of luxury Disney offers amenities and entertainment level, such as health clubs and spa with massage service, family restaurants and high-end day care service and personalized business of all kinds and more. In addition, all Luxury Villas Studios include a kitchenette with wardrobe, mini-fridge, sink, microwave and coffee maker.

There are several advantages to staying in a Walt Disney World Resort, such as staying in the theme parks after closing hours or before regular business hours. Transportation between the airport and your Resort for the family and luggage, courtesy of Walt Disney World Resort, let you drive with peace of mind first of a luxury Magical Express and experience the moment you arrive the magic of Disney. But the greatest advantage to staying in a Disney Resort is that you will always have the Disney service.

For those familiar with the Disney Resorts Luxury in a few clicks you will agree that our rates are very competitive in addition to being charged in CA or US dollars. For those who are at their very first visit, we invite you to compare our prices with the prices of Walt Disney World Resort Villas, and feel free to contact us, we will always be happy to answer your questions. (click on Disney's Resorts in ENGLISH WEBSITE on our left)

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Condo Offer


Disney Offer

  • FAMILY SPECIAL $2,500 with dinning plan,
  • SPECIAL $16/dvcPts,
  • ASK FOR OUR Pre-Reservation Disney's California Resort
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