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Prices for studios and Villas depend on periods of the year of Walt Disney. We suggest you compare our low prices whit Disney’s and you will see we are more than competitive. Please contact us for our tariffs.

Our prices contain no hidden charges and/or additional amount. The currency is the US dollar. We require a minimum deposit of $65 for each booking. The entire deposit amount is deducted from the total amount upon confirmation of Walt Disney. However, in the event of unavailability of dates chosen before confirmation of Walt Disney, the total amount of deposit is refundable. However, this amount may be applied to a new reservation, as per your convenience. We invite you to read "The terms and conditions" relating to reservations.

Terms and Conditions

This agreement between us, takes in effect at the date and time of the confirmation of Disney confirmation. Therefore, any amount paid deposit is NOT refundable in the event of a cancellation made after the said confirmation and/or due to non-payment of the amount due for the entire stay.

Conditions: All sales are Final.

Note: All Disney’s Resorts, including balconies are non-smoking. You will be required to pay a cleaning fee Disney Vacation Club if you smoke in non-smoking areas. Cleaning fee will be automatically charged on departure. However, specific areas are reserved for smokers. Studios and Villas have a maximum capacity of 4 persons (Some villas can accommodate up to 5 people).

You will pay a NON-refundable payment covering your entire stay, in exchange for a confirmed booking for the holiday chosen by you, and for the following choices; stay in STUDIO or VILLAS.

You must notify us of all persons who will occupy the studio or villas during your stay, either by email or by phone, and before the reservation is made with Disney, stating the full name of all persons Adults (18 years and over) staying in the studio or villas, first and last names of each child and age (under 18) staying in the unit.

Following the confirmation of Disney, we will provide a confirmation number that you can validate yourself on the Disney website. We will send you the balance of your transaction and all information relating.

The mode of payment is U.S. dollars and can be made via PayPal (however a fee of 3% is applicable for using PayPal), or by check or wire transfer. We do not accept credit card directly (please use PayPal for credit card utilities). NSF checks will automatically cancel the agreement between us and you, and the amount outstanding depositary.

You agree to comply with all conditions, rules and policies applicable to Disney's resorts. During your stay, you are responsible for any damage, theft, or unpaid charges incurred by your actions or by all occupants of the unit (Studio/Villas).

The amount paid is the only accommodation for the period chosen by you. There is no ticket, transportation, meals, insurance, or other things. If you want a daily maid service, you must make the request in your registration receipt on the day of arrival (fees apply). However, you will receive a summary maid service and towels on the fourth day of your stay. By cons, if your stay is eight days or more, you will receive a full cleaning service on the fourth day of your stay.

Pets are not allowed in Disney's resorts, with the exception of animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Specail Offer

  • MIN 1 WEEK 1000$ US
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